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How to get the Garbage Whistle.

2007-11-11 21:16:28 by wilker

Sick of that shiny pink whistle you started out with? Change it to a dirty green today! Just mark unhelpful and insulting reviews as "abusive". Look for reviews calling the author gay and telling him that he sucks. Mark such reviews as abusive and our keen-eyed mods will have you a broken whistle in no time.


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2007-11-11 21:18:37

Garbage whistles are the most rare. Really, they are.


2007-11-11 21:24:12

I love my sexy lil' garbage whistle. Reminds me that I'm not a tattle tail. :P


2007-11-11 21:25:57

Why do I have a garbage whistle!


2007-11-11 21:32:03

i want one!


2007-11-11 21:37:12

I've already got a Garbage Whistle.

Thanks to your advice, I now know why!


2007-11-11 21:41:18

I've had the garbage whistle for a whole year, I'm trying to change back to normal.


2007-11-11 21:45:11

Garbage whistle?

Maybe if it didn't have the word "Garbage" next to it.


2007-11-11 21:55:05

I know exactly how you feel.


2007-11-11 23:06:22

You get the garbage whistle when you mark unabusive reviews as abusive, not insulting or unhelpful ones.


2007-11-12 03:54:49

Thanks for the guide! I prefer struving for diety though. :P


2007-11-12 06:14:39

Exactly what happened to me...

...what is it all about? Should we just ignore unhelpful and insulting reviews, not flag stolen flashes (and always keep voting 10/10 to all crappy flash)?

Is that NewGrounds or some kind of kindergarden where everyone should be happy and shut up his mouth?

I don't really understand!!

wilker responds:

Nor do i, friend.


2007-11-17 04:21:14

I just got mine today, and all I did was exactly what you suggested!
It works!
Thank you, Screwgrounds!

wilker responds:

Heh heh.


2007-11-25 03:47:22

I got my pink one back today for catching two thieves.
I guess NG doesn't care if you submit total a ass-milk flash to the portal, just as long as it's your own. That way, when people's reviews for it get blammed at least it was a genuine transaction.


2007-12-02 15:08:13

i want a diety not a trashy one -__-

wilker responds:

Good luck! fellow seeker.


2008-01-05 23:03:34

So, does the treasure chest eat the fish, or does the ruby drain them of vitality?


2008-06-13 03:56:21

New post time, eh?

Wait, maybe I should take my own advice first.